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I love Alfred. I love 1Password. How about searching 1Password from Alfred? It’s totally possible and it’s built-in native to Alfreds Core Features. This is an alternative to the built-in Alfred 1Password integration.

Wait- What?

The built-in integration create a new window in your default browser, launch the site and log in. But what if you wish to open the item in the 1Password app instead? There’s no built-in feature for that! But fortunately it’s very easy to create yourself.

Jump into Features -> Web Search and Add a Custom Search:

Add Custom Search from the Alfred Preferences

Fill the Search URL with: onepassword://search/{query} and you’re ready to go.

Tip: You can drag the from the “Applications“-folder into the “Drop icon above“-field to add the 1Password Icon to the Custom Search action. Nizzle! 😎